Parts Diagrams

Parts Diagrams

The remaining part diagrams will be uploaded shortly!

Bintelli Beyond

Beyond 4 Parts Manual (Updated 12-16-2021)

Beyond 6 Parts Manual (Updated 11-30-2022)

Bintelli Scooters

Sprint     Breeze     Scorch  Bolt     Beast    Spark     Escape

Scorch150     Bolt150     Fury150     BEAST150

49cc Shortcase Engine    Longcase 50cc Engine   Scorch150 and Bolt150 Engine    Fury Engine

Bintelli E-Bikes

E2    B2    Trio Deluxe    E1    Trend    B1    M1    M2    Journey   Trio    Quest    Fusion     Florence 24″ Tire     Florence 26″ Tire

Adly Scooters

RT-50     Bullseye    GTA